Care You Deserve

Who We Are

At Full Focus we believe that existing is not enough. We want our members to prevail. We believe that everyone is capable of learning tools to live in recovery of mental illness. We believe in applying techniques and interventions in an independent and structured environment to produce productivity within a home environment. Each and every person is different and learns at a different pace. Our plan is to fully focus on the strengths of a person to promote independent living among all participants in recovery.

Our Vision

Full Focus Training Center provides independent and structured psychosocial day support services to male and female adults with a primary mental health diagnosis, dual diagnosis or developmental disability. Full Focus Training Center provides comprehensive psychosocial treatment interventions focusing on improving life activities of attending members. Full Focus members participate in group discussions, group activities , individual interests , art activities, hands on activities, health and wellness activities, and daily living skills to promote independent living among its members.

A day at Full Focus Training Center